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Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast

Jul 29, 2019

This week's episode features Owais Qureshi, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Cue, a creative branding agency based in Houston, Texas. 

We talk about several things in this episode, especially the importance of branding and design. 

You can reach out to Owais and learn more about Cue at .



Jul 22, 2019

Today's episode is on gratitude. Be grateful for everything! 

I've heard a phrase "Proud but never satisfied." I love that, because it shows you can be proud and grateful for your accomplishments but remain hungry for continued success. 

Make sure to tell someone you love or appreciate them today. And like Mufasa in...

Jul 15, 2019

In this episode, I share a few key tips to improve your communication and presentation skills. 

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is use tonality and vocal variety in your voice. If you have a monotone voice, your message can get lost as you won't engage or interest your audience. 

You can have the best...

Jul 8, 2019

Today's episode talks about an amazing video on Gary Vaynerchuck's YouTube channel. It is his most viewed video, published just 3 years ago, which has over 4.8 million views. 

The title is pretty self-explanatory. In the video, Gary talks about how we don't want to have any regrets. We have just one shot at life. Take...

Jul 1, 2019

The Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 Rule, states that 20% of something accounts for 80% of the results. 

This is a rule of thumb across various categories: finance, fitness, and so on. 

Learn to master this rule and really pay attention to the vital few over the trivial many.