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Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast

Jan 31, 2022

In this episode, Johnny King shares his story of trying to fake it until he made it, but realizing he was barely holding things together.

Eventually, he hit a breaking point and knew something had to change. He went to a live seminar to see Tony Robbins, and then decided to go all in on himself.

He quit his job,...

Jan 27, 2022

Focus and efficiency have been a top priority for me on my entrepreneurial journey.

There are so many distractions we constantly face, so being able to minimize those plays a huge role in getting more done.

I share my latest tip for insane focus in this episode. Apply the steps, and you'll see what I'm talking about...

Jan 24, 2022

In this episode, Kimberly Snyder shares how to unlock the power within to create the best version of our lives.

We also talk about how we are more than we think we are (more than just our identities). We can't just tie ourselves to our identities as those things are typically in flux.

Kimberly's newest book goes live...

Jan 20, 2022

Let's talk about the 64/4 Principle, something I recently came across.

If you're familiar with the 80/20 Principle, 64/4 is basically an 80/20 of the 80/20. It's diving one level deeper to really hone in on what matters most.

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Jan 17, 2022

In this episode, the founder of Eight Sleep and I discuss the importance of getting quality sleep every night.

"I'll sleep when I'm dead" is no longer the thing to believe as more and more people are understanding how much our sleep affects our daily performance.

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