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Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast

Mar 29, 2021

In this episode, I talk with Mike Jackness about adapting your business so that you not just survive but thrive. We also talk about building a business that supports what you truly want, while balancing what is important to you (such as time with your spouse or family). 

Mike shares some great tips for managing your time in general, such as building in “windshield time” to just think (which is something we hardly ever do these days since we have 24/7 distractions like Netflix and cell phones). 

Mike has over a decade of online marketing experience. He ran one of the largest poker affiliate companies with over 60 employees and also ventured into e-commerce with Today, he runs multiple e-commerce brands with total revenues over $7M annually. He’s based in Las Vegas but has lived throughout the world including the Cayman Islands and out of a Class A motorhome while touring North America. 




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