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Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast

Apr 29, 2021

Sam Harris is the co-founder and editor of Syncify FM, a social podcasting app, host of “Growth Mindset” podcast, and host of “Wiser than Yesterday” podcast. He’s also a TEDx speaker, stand-up comedian, avid traveler, and experienced mountain climber.

Have you ever been to North Korea? Broken a leg while kitesurfing? ‘Winged it’ in the Caribbean for a while after an abrupt change in plans? In this episode, Sam lays out the adventure that has been, and still is, his life. We learn about the importance of constantly challenging oneself as an entrepreneur or simply as a person.

Have we been oversold on the notion that you always have to do what you’re passionate about? Sam thinks so. In fact, he believes that you can pick up passion along the way, just as long as you’re moving. There’s a lot to gain in this episode from someone who’s never had a job just to have one; he only does what he finds interesting. Learn about ‘idea dating’ and more in this conversation with Sam Harris.

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