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Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast

Dec 26, 2022

Consistency is everything.

Being able to stay consistent and doing what you said you'll do is what will separate you from the mediocre.

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Dec 19, 2022

The 24-Hour Rule means you have 24 hours to celebrate a win, and 24 hours to mope about a loss. Then you have to move on.


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Dec 12, 2022

Business is a game of memorization. It's all about how well people remember what it is that you do. Join me and Alex Vonderhaar as we dive into marketing overall. 

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Dec 5, 2022

Life is full of choices. In this episode, we talk about "choosing your hard."

Nov 28, 2022

In this episode, Dr. Xavia Karner and I discuss the power of community building and the role it plays in changing the world. If you want to leave a lasting impact, chances are you'll need to learn to start or tap into a community of some sort.

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